Ampai Students show their ability.
Innovatios of Ampai school
English Communication Skill (Ampai’s kindergarten 2)

เรียนตามหลักสูตรสถานศึกษาโดยใช้นวัตกรรมที่เน้นผู้เรียนเป็นสำคัญ เป็นActivity- Based 1.Whole language 2.Project Approach 3.STEAM

We have a variety of integrated curricula under the PLAY-BASED philosophy, children will learn through play. Children will learn along with exploration, experimentation, observation, both in groups and individually.  The school is dedicated to the development the curriculum for the students. AMPAI students are unique and  outstanding characteristics especially in English. 

Pre Kindergarten Ampai offers a high quality early childhood programme.  In our early childhood programme children are encouraged to explore and discover their interests through play.  All our Pre Kindergarten teachers believe that learning should be fun. 

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