Ampai Students  has achieved  Top 3 of Mini English Program in the examination for Primary 1 at Anuban Chiangrai School and Sankhong School.

Congratulations for Ampai Students's success.

Ampai Students has achieved in ANUBAN CHIANGRAI SCHOOOL total of 12 people


Intensive English Course (IEC)  5 students

Mini English Program (MEP)  7 students


Ampai Students has achieved in SANKHONG SCHOOL total of  people


Intensive English Course (IEC)  9 students

Mini English Program (MEP)  6 students

Science and Math (SM) 1 student


This year, all 7 of these kindergarten students  acieved  TOP 3  in the entrance examination for grade 1 of Anuban Chiang Rai and Sankhong  School. 


Mini English Program (MEP) at Sankhong School 


1st    Tawin   Sae-Ung

2nd   Naphat   Prommuang

3rd    Napapat  Budsorn



Intensive English Course (IEC) at Sankhong School 


1st   Teeraphong   Thaweekhun

3rd   Benyaporn   Jaiya



Mini English Program (MEP) at Anuban Chiang Rai School


3rd   Neungwarang  Sawetvisuwat



Intensive English Course (IEC) at Anuban Chiang Rai School


3rd   Sirinthip  Konsawan



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